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"I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" - Anne of Green Gables

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Oh, my afternoon is spoiled!

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"Mrs. Rachel Lynde was a red-hot politician and couldn’t have believed that the political rally could be carried through without her, although she was on the opposite side of politics. So she went to town and took her husband – Thomas would be useful in looking after the horse – and Marilla Cuthbert with her."

—L. M. Montgomery, Ch 18: Anne to the Rescue
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"I do really want to be good; and when I’m with you or Mrs. Allan or Miss Stacy I want it more than ever and I want to do just what would please you and what you would approve of. But mostly when I’m with Mrs. Lynde I feel desperately wicked and as if I wanted to go and do the very thing she tells me I oughtn’t to do. I feel irresistibly tempted to do it. Now, what do you think is the reason I feel like that? Do you think it’s because I’m really bad and unregenerate?"

—Anne Shirley, Ch 31: Where the Brook and River Meet
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Our lovely friends at The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy are entering the final week of their crowdfunding campaign. If you love web series as much as we do, go make their second season a thing. #SaveNeverland

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"Oh, Diana, if only the geometry examination were over! But there, as Mrs. Lynde would say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not. That is true but not especially comforting. I think I’d rather it didn’t go on if I failed!"

—Anne Shirley, Ch 32: The Pass List Is Out
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anonsally replied to your photoset “Animated Rachel Lynde”

Wait. There is a cartoon of AoGG???

Yes! There is Anne: The Animated Series by Sullivan Entertainment and an anime series by Nippon Animation.

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